Are you using video marketing for lead generation? Video marketing has been proven to the highest ROI of any marketing means. Facebook has now taken over Youtube for video shares on social media. I want to show how to create a short video that captures your audience's attention and then compels them find out more about your offer.

Video Marketing

According to Socialbakers, as of last November, there are more shares with Facebook videos than on Youtube. Ever since Facebook has allowed video uploads, it has been exploding in growth. Many online and network marketing professionals are generate leads with video marketing by making short, teaser videos. Here's some tips on creating these type of videos.

The whole premise of a short teaser video is to provide your audience with a little taste of content, enough to spark their curiosity which compels them to click a link to your resource and get the rest of the story. Most direct their prospect to a blog or some other opt-in, or funnel page to capture their name and email, and build their list.

So here's an outline of steps to create a teaser video:

1. Intro

Introduce yourself, where you're from and what you're about. Keep in mind your viewer may not click on his speaker icon to hear the audio of the video until 3-5 seconds after your video has started.

2. Pose a question, discovery or tip

What problem are you trying to help them solve? What discovery did you make that helps them? Do you have a great tip that will achieve a specific result?

3. Provide some teaser content

Give a little background and what they'll learn but not the whole story.

4. Qualify them

This is were you identify who the information is for and what it will do for them.

5. Call to action

Tell them to click the link under the video and tell them where they're being directed to.

6. Close

Repeat who you are and what you're about and say bye.

This whole video should be in between 30-45 seconds, which is the average time somebody on Facebook views a video. If it's not enticing or captures their attention, they'll continue to scroll through their newsfeed.

So let's say I'm offering a new lead generation tip for my network marketing audience. The script would go something like this:

“Wuzzup Facebook family? This Rik Lepine, home business entrepreneur and business coach. Don't you hate it when you're prospecting on Facebook and you want to send a private message to a prospect you don't know but if you do, the message would end up in their ‘other' box? Who knows when they'll check it, if at all. Well, I know of a loophole that ensures they'll get the message in the inbox each time! So if you're a network marketer that prospects through Facebook and wants to know the secret, click on the link below that will direct you to my blog for all the details. This Rik, helping you with your prospecting for your business. Have an awesome day!”  (side note: I actually wrote about this. If you want to know the loophole, click here.)

If you're not leveraging video marketing, now is the time. Start off making 3-5 a week. Send them to your blog, an article, your Youtube channel, a squeeze page, whatever. It's best to send them to a page that captures their name and email, at least. Be a consistent face on video and you'll be a lead generation machine!

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