video lead generationVideo lead generation is a focal point for a lot of marketers. Video helps your prospect see who you are, reads your facial expressions, your tone. It's a great form of lead generation. Once you have a good video, you have to optimize so people can find you. Hear's a cool secret Ninja SEO trick get more leads to your video on Youtube.

Video Lead Generation

Before you make your video you want to do some keyword research. I like to use Google Adwords' keyword tool, Google front page and the Advanced Marketing Institute headline analysis tool. I explain how and why in the video below.

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I hope you see how easy and important this trick is for video lead generation and getting more people to view your videos on Youtube. The next time you're about to make one, conduct your keyword research, use the EMV headline anaylizer and optimize with this cool Ninja trick and you'll be video lead generation machine!

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Video Lead Generation

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