Everybody in the network marketing profession wants to recruit more reps. Recruiting is how you build a big business. Eventually, everybody needs to acquire skills for cold market recruiting in order to grow that team. So what's the key factor in recruiting complete strangers? Posture!

Cold Market Recruiting

The # 1 critical factor for recruiting in cold market is posture.  A mentor and friend of mine Ray Higdon, who I'm picture with,  defines posture as this.

“Knowing what you have without the need of acceptance and approval.” – Ray Higdon

Here's the concept business owners need to embrace. People follow people that are confident and have vision of what they are creating.  Those that display professionalism and an “I'm in control” and “I got the deal” aura about them get the right people involved. Weak prospecting results in a weak recruits, if any, getting involved. If they do, they typical they don't stay and/or don't do anything with the business.

Ask yourself: Do you have unyielding belief in the profession, the company, the product/service and, especially, yourself? If you fall short in any one of these areas, your prospect will sense that. Those people that get a lot of objections/questions are typically a result of low quality prospect and/or lack of posture. How you handle those questions greatly determines if you get the prospect to become a customer and/or a team member.

Watch my video to cover this concept a little more and also how to handle some typical objections.

Don't be afraid to take it back and walk away. Saying, “This doesn't seem like it's a fit for you.” is better than trying to convince somebody and have them jump out of the business the next day. A business person with a strong sense of posture knows there are lots of people out there to talk to. You're not looking for everybody, you're looking for the right people.

So I ask you to think about this concept and embrace it. Are you “bullet proof”? Do you have posture because you have full belief in the profession, your company, the product/service and yourself? Do you know, without a doubt, 100% certain, you have ‘The Deal'? Handle yourself like a ‘Boss' and you will get better quality prospects and get more people in your business.  #BOOM !

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