Twitter Lead Generation 1Lead generation through social media is main generation source for most businesses. With the use of apps and automated websites, it's easier than ever to generate leads. Here's a simple Twitter lead generation strategy to get your target audience to come to you!

Twitter Lead Generation

I like simple and I like free. For those of you just starting out, this is the best option to generate leads. Here's the concept and set-up for generating leads on Twitter.

Download the app Crowdfire and sync it with your mobile phone.

Get an account with and sync it with twitter.

Watch the my video and I'll explain how this goes down.

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Many people want ‘automatic' when it comes to Twitter lead generation but most fail to see the hard work in the set-up of the system. Lay the foundation of the auto-message in Crowdfire and build the following of your target audience on Twitter. Take a couple hours and set up your messages for an entire week on Hootsuite and you'll have the leads coming in daily.

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Twitter Lead Generation

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