Home business is a growing trend. It has become much easier today to your brand and offer out because of the internet and social media. So why are so many still struggling to generate the type of income they desire? Here are a few things why most home business entrepreneurs are sabotaging their home business.

Home Business Sabotage


Home Business Mindset – Where The Sabotage Starts

Mindset is where this all starts. When people are exposed to a home business they see a vision of what could be. Most people don't like their job or rather be doing something else to generate an income. Let's face it, being at home and not under the direction of a boss, having control of your time, it's very appealing.

Here's the problem. Most people have been programed to be an employee. Making the ‘shift' to an entrepreneur can be very difficult for some. With that ‘shift', the way you think, speak and do is much different. When results don't show up after hours of activity, the No's (rejection) and no commissions in the bank, people quit and then blame the industry or company calling it a scam or pyramid scheme. You have believe “I can” not “I can't” and be in in for the long run. Check out a great article on that from Success.

In my video I want to provide a common sense approach to the home business profession. The psychology behind your decision to become a home business entrepreneur and how most sabotage their home business success.

I hope the video shed some light on your efforts. It starts with a decision. Then you learn the skills. Always stay positive and never forget why you started in the first place.

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