If marketing content is king, then getting exposure is queen. Without eyeballs on your ‘stuff' you can't show prospects your opportunity or make a sale. Here's some tips on repurposing content and get massive exposure.


Repurposing Your Marketing Content

If you've been in the online marketing or network marketing for any length of time I'm sure you've used social media, maybe a blog to get your message out about your opportunity and product.

On social media there's a concept called half-life. What is half-life? This means that your Twitter post will have approximately 15 minutes to get 50% of the interaction from your followers. On Facebook, it's about 1.3 hours. So here's the deal, if you're not posting during peak times and posting routinely the same content several times, you're limiting exposure and thereby limiting your opportunity to get prospects and sales.

Do you have content such as Facebook posts, Instagram graphics or Tweets, or even blog posts that have gotten a lot of likes? Recycle them! Here's how.

Place them in automation through Social Jukebox or Hootsuite. These apps allows you load your most popular posts, graphics, blog links and offers into the ‘jukebox' and rotate them through the day, continuously (if you want) during peak times during the day. The same for Hootsuite but there's a little more manual work involved. There are free versions but first upgrade version is about $10 to $15. Well worth it.

Check out my video on the topic.

Do you see how important it is to get your marketing content in front of people routinely. Think about it. Some people may pass up your post several times for whatever the reason; too busy, something more interesting on their feed, etc. If you get your marketing content in front of them several times, there're more like to ‘like' or click the link for your stuff. This is how you keep it evergreen.

Take the time to check out social jukebox and Hootsuite. If you think it's a fit for you, load up some ‘playlists' on Social Jukebox and mix it up. Rotate your blog links, offer links, niche info links, business quotes in text and graphics, or anything else you can use to brand you and for lead generation.

Remember, the more you can get content in front of your audience, the more your name gets out there and the more you'll profit.

Live Free and Prosper

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