In the game of marketing, it's all about getting eyeballs on your offer. Specifically, eyeballs from a target audience on your stuff. This post goes over one of the most often overlooked and critical components to your marketing campaign. Regardless if your content is on a blog, social media or other websites, if you leave this out, you will get less than response you desire.

Marketing Tip- The Most Over Looked Factor

Marketing 101

Let's cover a couple of basics. If you're a business owner, you most likely offer a product or service that helps people fix a problem. Here's a marketing truth; “If you're marketing to everyone, you're marketing to no one.” It makes a ton of sense to market to people that would want to take advantage of your product or service! So who is your ideal client, customer or prospect that would want to see your offer?

Second, where can you find these ideal clients, customers and prospects? This is your focused demographic of your marketing efforts. If you're writing a blog piece, marketing on social media or other websites, you are publishing content that caters to that audience and hopefully getting your offer in front of their eyeballs. The backside of that is driving them to a funnel, squeeze page or your website to get them to contact you or opt into a information giveaway of some sort to obtain their name and email for future correspondence.

In the creation of your marketing, there are two things that are often overlooked or not package effectively in your marketing content. Check out my video:

You should never forget this critical ingredient to your marketing.  This is what grabs them. People may think about buying something logically but they commit to buying it on emotion. Don't forget to create an emotional connection to your product/service and what it will feel like if your use it.

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