Do you have friends that are avoiding you because they don't want you to show them your network marketing opportunity? They figured it out because of your social media posts, or you flat out told them your company name or product and they Googled it?  Yeah, I get it. Here's how to handle them.

Network Marketing Tips

Million Dollar earner Scott Ross and I a recent training.

Million Dollar earner Scott Ross and I a recent training.

These network marketing tips comes from Scott, one of our million dollar earners in my network marketing company. He and I are pictured above. This a pretty short, very straight forward approach but here a couple of other tips to help you avoid this situation all together.

Tip #1. I remind my readers of this all the time…brand you, not your business. Your social media profile and post should not have blatant posts about your company or your product. By posting about company and products on your site by name you have lost the ‘curiosity factor'.  Your friends should be asking you, ‘What are you doing?‘ not telling you what they think it is. If they get your company name from your newsfeed, they're just gonna Google it. When people Google a network marketing company, 99% of the time they find something negative. Negative articles get 100 to 1000 times the hits vs. a positive article. This may be the reason why your friend won't respect what you're doing.

Tip #2, and I'm sure you heard this before. Treat your network marketing business like a big business. What does that mean? Think of yourself as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Let's say you're a lawyer. Would a CEO/lawyer beg a prospect to come see him?  Of course not! You shouldn't either. Posture up!

Ok, here's the tip from Scott. So your friend found out about your deal before you could introduce him/her the right way and gives you the brush off every time you ask. Posture up and call them out on it. Ask them this:

“Do I have enough credibility with you to have 30 minutes of your time? Or are you telling me that you value an opinion from some random person on the internet more than you value mine?”

If they're bold enough to say no, tell them ‘buh bye'. You have an empire to build. They're not really a friend. They will only hurt you and hold you back on your road to success. Lose their number.

If yes, set up a 2 on 1 with a leader or group presentation meeting. These type of exposures have a higher close rate. A 1 on 1 is fine, but it's good to have someone who's been in the business longer to help you.

Here's a mantra to embrace:

I don't care if they say yes or no. I just care that they see it from me.

Go through your list again. Call your reluctant friends. Posture up and ask for 30 minutes of their time. Your hot market is the fastest way to build your business. Take full advantage it.

I hope you found value in this post. Please share with your team mates and friends on social media and leave a comment below.

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