Network marketing recruiting can be fun but also a little frustrating. We love it when we get the “I'm in!” people but typically we gotta go through some “No”s too. Here's a tip from a million dollar earner from her business and partly because she put in over 100 personals last year.

Network Marketing Recruiting

If you've been in this profession for any length of time, I'm sure you've heard it's a number game. Network marketing recruiting is the fuel that feeds the growth of your business. Here's a concept I've heard from a number of top recruiters and earners: The top two skills any network marketer should be really good at is inviting and closing. Think about it, you may be the best closer in the world but if you're not good at inviting people to see your offer you won't be doing much closing.

Let's start off at the end of the presentation you just showed your prospect.

Most people would say something like, “Wasn't that AWESOME! What did you like best? The money or the product (or the benefit of the product)?”

You want them to start with the goodness. Whatever they say, agree with them, “Me too.” and immediately after, “Let's get you started!” and provide the application or open your computer screen to sponsor page. If you've done your job right and they're motivated, they break out their credit card and say, “Can't wait!”

Yeah, that's a rarity. They almost always have questions, right?  Of course they do! That's all a part of network marketing recruiting.

Check out my video on what to ask next!



Network marketing recruiting really isn't that hard. You just have to learn the skills. The next time you just presented your offer to a prospects, use this lines and questions to close them. I'm sure you're recruiting numbers with increase.

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