This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people in network marketing or MLM world make. I can guarantee you that if you're committing this mistake with your MLM branding, you are losing prospects.


MLM Branding

Did you know that during the transformation of a successful MLM or network marketer, he or she, will go through almost a dozen companies before they create a full-time income in the industry? Ask any successful business owner and they will tell you they most likely went through several companies before they started to create some serious money.

So why do so many MLM'ers/network marketers brand their company or product with their name on their blogs and social media accounts?

I want to provide you the 3 biggest reasons why you're losing the opportunity to generate more prospects because of these common mistakes in branding.

Does any of that make sense to you? If you were to look at any top producing professional in the MLM industry, you will not see any kind of company branding on their blogs, social media accounts or marketing. None! Sure, they may be know for their activity in their MLM company, but they have a personal brand separate from the company that they are a representative of.

Don't make this critical mistake. If you have a MLM associated brand, clean up your accounts by removing the company or product name and brand YOURSELF! Strip the company and product name from all of your social media accounts. By not having a company name associated with your brand it creates the ‘curiosity factor'. If you do this correctly, people will be asking “What do you do?” Then you can expose them properly about your company, the product and the opportunity.

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