Have you struggling to get a handful of prospects names from a new recruit in your network marketing business? It's like pulling teeth some times, right? Here's a simple memory jogging exercises to find the right people to approach next for your business.

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List Building Technique for Network Marketers

It's so very important to start your new recruit out right. The best time to get them started is right after they jumped in. They are high on excitement and rightfully so. Let's see if we can get some people in their business. Here's a great way to jog their memory for names that would be considered a ‘white hot' market to contact next.

Here's the set up. YOU have a sheet of paper in front of you to take down the names. Get the phone numbers after. Ask your new network marketers these questions:

1. Who are your competitive friends?

Athletes, Military, Commission Sales, Business Owners, dominate or driven people, etc.

2. Who are your social butterflies?

Who lights up a party? If music was playing they'd be the first to hit the dance floor? Who likes to be the center of attention?

3. Who are you dissatisfied friends?

Who's sick and tired of being sick and tired? Laid off? Hates their job? Hate the car they drive? Hates where they live? Need a change?

* Key point here * We are NOT looking for negative people. Make that distinction to your new team member.

After you have 20-25 names, ask your new recruit, “OK, it's 2:00am in the morning, you're in the middle of no where and your car just blew up, you have an extremely low battery on your mobile phone…who do you call?” Try to extract a top 3 from the list. Call them first.

Here's the concept on this; a person's ‘white hot market' is the fastest way to build a network marketing business. Closest friends should be the ‘easy ones' to get into to business.  However, I do realize that this could be a problem for some people. Eric Worre said it best, “You will be punished or rewarded for what you did prior to getting into network marketing.” Some people struggle more than others. Not to worry. Embrace the struggle and have a great attitude and an empire can be built!

The next time you're signing up a new recruit. Ask your team member these 3 questions to get at least 20 names. The list provided should be a good start to build their network marketing business. Next step…call them immediately! The sooner you can get a new network marketing team member for your new recruit, you increase the chances that they will stay in the business.

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