Why do so many home business and network marketing “wanna be's” struggle to obtain some success in their business? This is not quantum physics! I believe it's actually easier to obtain success in a home business than in a traditional business. The income can grow exponentially as opposed to trading hours for dollars.  There is a key to all this, yet many continue to struggle in network marketing.

key to success

Network Marketing Key

Let's first cover the basics on the formula for success in network marketing / home business.

  1. Make a Decision – You have to be committed! Network marketing comes first, being an employee is second. There is no ‘Plan B'. Your network marketing business is ‘Plan A'. Work it like your life depends on it.
  2. Learn the Skills – The skills are different from being an employee. Branding, marketing, prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing, team building and teaching others are all necessary for success.
  3. Consistent and Persistent Daily Action – As an employee, do you think your boss would allow you to work when you felt like it? Like anything else, daily consistent and persistent action is necessary.

And this goes without saying, you are continually working on yourself with personal development. Your bank account will never exceed your personal development.

Lastly, for the key, and for most people a missing piece, to rapidly increase the pace and amount of your success…watch my video.

You're looking at this post because you're a dreamer. You want a better life. You saw a vision of your life when a friend, or complete stranger, introduced to the network marketing / home business industry. You want freedom, freedom to do what you want and the time to do it. Network marketing will provide that to you. Follow the basics, but don't forget to include community, coaches and mentors. This is the key and missing piece to business success.

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