Are you using a marketing strategy that suits you? People are different. A marketing strategy should fit your personality type. There are some marketing techniques that fit extroverts better than introverts. Here's a simple way to discover one that fits you!


Marketing Strategy for Extroverts

Do you consider yourself an extrovert? Here's some common traits for people with this personality type.

Outgoing     Confident     Comfortable In Front of Crowds     Resilient     Fairly Disciplined     Hunter Mentality

If this describes you, here are some marketing methods you should employ. My recommendation to work 1 or 2 until you're getting 5-10 leads a day.

Video Marketing (Facebook & Youtube)     Webinars     Home Presentations     Networking Events

I would suggest video because one you create a video to solve a problem for your target audience and post on Youtube, it's out there forever and could generate leads daily. Of course, you optimize for keywords and provide a way to collect your leads via a capture page that collects your prospects name, email and phone number into an autoresponder. Remember, tell people what to do. Provide a strong “Call to Action.”

Marketing Strategy for Introverts

Not relating to the traits above? Here are some common traits for introverts.

Shy     Quite    Works Behind the Scenes     Afraid to Speak in Front of Crowds     Works Better Alone

Does this fit your personality? Here are some great marketing methods for introverts.

Blogging     Instagram     Facebook     Twitter     Solo Ads     Email Marketing     Affiliate Marketing

I would suggest blogging and pick one or two social media sites and point all posts to your blog. Once they are on your blog and reading content, have a strong “call to action” to opt in to your site.

Here's the ‘blueprint'. All content you're creating solves a problem for your target audience. Within that content point them to a capture page and a funnel page that has a product that solves their problem. Follow up with your leads and ask, “How can I help you?”

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To your success!

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