Goals are something we should all create and work on. We were created to achieve, excel and have fulfillment in life. Many people look upon the New Year as a great time to reflect on the past year and create new goals, or make resolutions, for the new year. Here's a blueprint for creating, setting and achieving goals you'll actually work on.


Creating Goals, Setting and Achieving Them

Goals are something some people run away from. The psychology associated with that is past failure with previous goals. Essentially, ‘why create new goals since I haven't achieved previous goals?' We've all been through this. The negative talk we experience in our head. We are our worst enemy. Here's the simplistic view on goal creation, setting and achieving what you want; desire, the plan and action. Let's go over a few thing you may have heard or used in the past when creating goals.

There's a SMART method. Meaning; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. There's plenty of material on this method, just Google it, and it's good guideline to follow but I want to get into more of the psychology of goals. Why? Without the right mindset, you'll never continue the actions required to achieve what you're after.

Keeping the SMART method in mind, we need to see what's going on inside your head before can create the goals, let alone achieve them. Here's your first exercise; take a pen and paper (a computer screen if you must), and write down all that you want to see created in your life. What is your perfect life? What are your health & fitness goals (this should be a high priority), your relationship goals, passion pursuits and finally, financial goals. I caution you not to take into consideration where you're at currently and have that weigh in on creating those goals. An example would be, ‘I'll never make a million dollars' or ‘I'm so out of shape I'll never get to my ideal body size and shape.' Remember the negative talk I mentioned earlier? DON'T DO IT! Write down your ideal life. What would be you're ideal day?

Now take a look at your list and prioritize it. What's most important to you? Also, is there something on your list that is a subset, or if you achieve a goal another on the list would have been achieved too? Categorize your list into personal health, relationships, personal pursuits, and financial goals.

Here's the hard part. Attach feelings to your goals. Weird huh? Not so much. You see, if you're not emotionally connected to your goal, you're never consistently perform the actions required to achieve them. You will not get through the tough days, the days you ‘don't feel like it.' Take some time and mediate on what you want. Imagine achieving and having it. Stir up an emotional response. You need to have it change your body chemistry.

What's most important to you? Ask yourself ‘why'? It's not a matter of wanting it, it's a matter of feeling it. Once you answer the first why, ask why to that answer. Dig deep. Why is it so damn important to you? What emotions, feelings, bio-chemistry and endorphins would you be experiencing if you achieved it? Does it make you smile? Who else are you sharing it with? What words of congratulations are they saying to you? Are they proud or you? What do you feel about the people that believed you couldn't do it?

If it's a thing that represents your goals, how does it feel to touch it? What does it smell like? If it's a car, for example, how would you feel sitting in it, turning it on, the sound from the engine roaring to life, driving it?

You MUST be connected emotionally to your ‘Why'? So, which emotions did you feel the most intensity?

These are the goals you should focus on first. Now it's time to create the plan.

For this I recommend getting some help. Use somebody with some knowledge and success in achieving the same thing you want. Hire a coach or mentor if you have to. Robert Kiyosaki as stated many times before, “If you're serious, you'll hire a coach.”

Keeping the SMART method in mind, what specifically do you want? Is it measurable? i.e. lose 25lbs or become debt free or earn $100k in 6 months. Is it realistically attainable? Does it push you outside your comfort zone at least 15%? Is it relevant to the lifestyle you're trying to create? And lastly, is it timely? Put a date on it! Example, if you want to lose weight, be specific…I want to lose 25 lbs by 31 May 2017. Unrealistic would be trying to lose 100lbs in one month. Think big, push the envelope but be boldly realistic.

Working with a coach, determine what daily, weekly and monthly actions are required to achieve your goals? Form a plan of action! Don't forget about mindset. Are you consuming personal development material related to the goals you're trying to achieve? Also, use your coach and others on the same journey as accountability buddies. If you really want to be bold, announce your journey on Facebook and ask people to help you be accountable.

Now this may sound a little strange…after you have create a specific plan with specific actions, I want you to forget about your goals and focus on consistent daily action in order to achieve those goals. Focus on progress! Here's a concept: You have no control over the result. You only have control in the actions that may achieve the result. Focus on the actions. Focus on progress. The result will take care of itself.

Here's what will help. Type up your goals (what you want, the measurement and the date you want to achieve it) and print it out. Tape to bathroom mirror, your post-it board in your office, your refrigerator, etc. keep it in front of you. Also, keep it in digital form on your smartphone. In addition, identify milestones and achievement dates on your smartphone. Set a reminder to review you goals in the morning and also just before you close your eyes to sleep for the night. Mediate on the achievement. Get emotionally connected. You want to feel what it's like. This is critical for you if you want to get through the tough days and when you ‘don't feel like it.' I recommend twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to sleep.

So let's get started. Write down all your goals. What do you want this year? After you wrote them down, tighten them up, categorize and prioritize. Get with a coach and create a plan. Create the MUST DO list of daily actions. On your smartphone, have a digital copy of your ‘must do' list and goals. Set reminders to review and do them. Enter milestone and achievement dates on your digital calendar. Get with accountability buddies, your coach to help you on your journey. The most important piece, mediate and experience the emotions of what it would feel like to achieve what you want. The stronger your connection to the achievement, the most driven you will be to get it.

Are you ready to have an awesome 2017?

Live Free and Prosper

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