Sponsored Story Ad for Facebook are gaining ground in the marketing for business, especially those in the home business, online and network marketing professions. Written properly and targeted to your ideal audience, they convert! Here's a simple game plan for writing a compelling and converting sponsored story ad.


Sponsored Story Ad

The simple purpose of a sponsored story ad is to convert the reader into a lead, prospect or client. I'm sure you've seen them in your newsfeed on Facebook. The structure on the ad is pretty simple:

  • A nice graphic/picture, typically of the person the story is about enjoying a desirable lifestyle
  • Text body: Intro, the struggle, the solution, and the call to action (CTA)
  • A way to reach the sponsor or get more information; a lead page, or a CTA to message the creator

Lets expand that list a little bit more to create a great sponsored story ad:


The picture is the first thing that catches the eye in the newsfeed. A picture that tells a story in itself compel a reader to investigate further. Lifestyle pics work best. Having fun, traveling, with family or friends. I would stay away from pictures with high prices cars, a mansion in the background…i.e. boasting success. These are shallow level pics and do not attracted the right people. Be authentic, be you, use your real life.

Your Story

Let's start out with a myth…you do not need to have a lot of success in order to have a compelling story that converts. How you write it is critical. Here's some simple guidelines:

  • Introduce yourself, your occupation, where you live and where you're at in life/career
  • Begin with your struggle. Be a little vulnerable here and real. Provide some detail but keep it short.
  • Transition to your journey, why you needs a change, how your found it, who you're working with and some success you've had. If you're just starting out, say so but include the plan and people you're working with. Lastly, share your excitement! Again, be genuine. I know for me, this profession and the companies I'm working with has been a God send.
  • Call to Action (CTA). This could be a simple statement at the end saying “contact me for more details”. If you have a lead or capture page, lead people there, “Click the link below to discover more.”

Target Your Audience

This is where you really need to have some experience in placing ads. I know I've paid a lot of ‘stupid tax' with Facebook ads. Recommend taking a course on this. Here's awesome Facebook advertising course to consider. Get with some people that know what they're doing to help look over your ad and targeting for your audience.

This is where you need to get very specific and split test 2 or 3 ads for your sponsored story to see which one converts better. You may want to change the picture, as well as the target interests, groups, age range, or other demographics depending on who you're trying to target. Once you've selected your demographics, allocate $3-$5 a day, or $20 or more for 7 days. Obviously the more you spend, the more people you reach.  Here's a tip: let it run for 3 days before you start shutting down ads that are not producing and before you make tweaks to your ads. This will provide a minimum amount of data that will represent an idea of performance.

If you don't feel comfortable using your story, use a friend that has a good story. It could be someone in the same biz as you.

You could draft a sponsored story ad tonight and get it on people's newfeeds and generate leads almost immediately.

Here's some incentive to get this done sooner than later. Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media works with some of the biggest names like Toyota, Under Armor and others. He believes traditional commercials, paper magazines and other mediums are dying a slow death and with Facebook being the 2 ton gorilla that it is, with have to increase their marketing fees as more and more businesses turn to facebook. The prices will go up 300-1000% in the next couple of years. Get in while the prices are on sale.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be out there. You're fighting obscurity. Without eyeballs on your stuff, you're nobody and the market will treat you accordingly. Get your story out there.

Live Free and Prosper

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