Being irrelevant is a very good thing. This concept was first taught to me by a millionaire with a huge team in a network marketing company. He said, “The objective is to become quickly irrelevant in your business.” Confused? Don't be. It will make sense. Read on.

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Home Business Success

Home Business Success by Becoming Irrelevant

There is a difference between managing a team and growing a team. You want to spend time growing a team than managing one. This is done by continually adding new team members and getting them trained quickly and letting them run. Those who want to run, will run. Those you haven't embrace their vision and belief in themselves and in what their doing, will not. We all hope they ‘catch fire' and build but the stats in this profession show us about 20% of people actually do something. Just being real.

Here's another concept to embrace, “Work with people that deserve your help, not just need your help.”

So what does it take? How is this concept implemented?  Check out the video below. 

As you may have may have guessed, some of this has to do with your time management and the other side of it is keeping your own sanity. Think about it, the more time you spend managing your team and time training each person that comes into your business, it remove the that time you could have used prospecting, presenting and closing a new team member into your home business. Think about this, if you had 100 people in your team and you wanted to personally train them all, how much time would that take? 

Want to make yourself irrelevant in your home business? Point people to resources! Use your company's training system first, and second your own personally recorded videos. Never answer an admin or customer support question. Spend time on money making activities (MMA). This is how you become a millionaire and quickly become irrelevant in your home business.

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