Have you built a ‘fan page' on Facebook but struggling to build an audience at low cost? As a business builder your social media presence is critical to your success. More eyes on your content, the more business you'll have. Here's a great Facebook marketing strategy to build an audience and do it with cheap clicks.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

So you have a ‘fan page' on Facebook loaded with valuable content but you're not building the audience you hope for. Maybe you decided to take advantage of the ‘Boost Your Page' campaign but it's sucking some serious dollars out of your budget. Well, there is a cheaper way and it's a matter of the feed you want your ad to show.

Check out the video for more info.

Did that put the light bulb over your head? A ‘like' from whatever the source is still a like for your page. As long as your targeting is specific enough to reach your ideal prospect, you'll have a great audience to interact with for your business. Don't forget to say “hi” to your new page members. It's a great first impression and good way to build rapport.  Utilize this Facebook marketing strategy technique on your next page boost campaign and you can your PPC down to less a quarter a click.

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