Do you struggle with what to say to people? Do you get tongue tied when you want to ask if a person is open to taking a look at your product or business? Yeah, a lot of people do. I'm into keeping things simple. Here's the only 3 scripts that you will ever. Ask one of these if you want to see if somebody is open to taking a look at your network marketing business.

The Scripts for Cold Market Recruiting

hand shakeThese questions are situational dependent. If you have the time, start a conversation. Preferably, you want to FORM them. (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation/Message) You are looking for some pain in their life. What problem can you solve with your product or business? However, they may be happy doing what they're doing. Cool. There's a script for that too. Lastly, we have one where you just don't have time to have a conversation.

Use this script after you've asked questions and you discovered some pain or problem that they would want solved:

“If I could show you a way to (solve problem), would you be OPEN to hearing about it?”

If things are going well and they're happy doing what they're doing, and their enthusiam shows:

“You have a really good attitude. I am looking to grow my team in this area and you have the attitude I'm looking for. Do you keep your options OPEN when it comes to making money?”

Lastly, when you don't have time to ask probing questions because you're on the move or they're working and it would be rude to interfere more than 30 seconds:

“Would you be OPEN to making money if it didn't interfere with what you're currently doing?”

Use these scripts in your own words, to get a name and number then leave! A great departure statement would, “Thanks. I gotta run but I'll be in contact with you within 48 to set an appointment.”

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Now, here is the key to getting the appointment and building a huge business:

Don't talk about business outside of business!

Confused? Don't be. The only time you should be talking about business is in an appointment. You don't talk about business outside of that…period! Your sole purpose outside of an appointment is to get a name and number to get an appointment.

So I'm sure you are asking yourself right now, “Sure Rik, but what if they ask ‘What is it?'” A logical question.  Here's how to handle it, but first you must have this in response…posture! You have got to feel like ‘I GOT THE DEAL!' Posture up! You're in control. Stay in control.

Some good responses could be “I help people make money.” or “It's a way for you to (solve problem).”

If they persist, you can address it this way. “I'm going to show it to you when we meet. I'll check my schedule and set up an appointment. If you like what you see, great, if not, no big deal.”

Finally, if they want answers right then and there, posture up and say, “Hey look, I understand you want some answers. I'll provide details in the appointment. I'm working on a couple different projects and I'm not sure I can help you. If you can't wait, here's your number back. This doesn't look like a fit for you.”

Don't be afraid to take the offer back, and hand them back their number. Posture is paramount. Don't talk about business outside an appointment. Stay in control. Call them in 24 hours to set an appointment. Once on the phone, provide 2 options for times. If they can't make either, say “Cool, maybe I'll call you next week.” and hang up the phone. You're a busy professional. Professionals don't have time for that.

Here's the thing, just about every time people ask ‘what is it?' they are looking for something to rule out meeting with you. People don't want to waist their time. Understandable. However, mentioning a few things gives them enough ammunition to kill the appointment even though they don't have a full understanding of how your product or business can help them. Don't give them the ammunition.

Bottom line: exercise these scripts the next time you out. Be postured. If you present a strong posture when asking the questions, and stay in control, you will get more people to talk to about your business. Again, the key is…don't talk about business outside of business and get their name and number to set an appointment.

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