SOCIAL media engagementWant to boost your social media engagement? One of the principle rules of marketing is to get your stuff in front of more eyeballs. Once they are in front, captivate those eyeballs to click, read and comment on your posts. This is where the art of marketing comes into play. Here's a few social media engagement ideas to help you increase your viewership.

Social Media Engagement


I like to keep things simple. Your social media strategy doesn't have to be complicated if you keep these 3 easy to implement tips in mind:

1. Video is King!

2. Graphics should be HD.

3. Engage!

I discuss this more in my video.

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As I mention in my video, there are so many statistics identifying how video and stunning graphics create the looks and engagement. If you can wow them, pull on their emotions or make them laugh, it's probably good content. When you post through out the day, keep this objective in mind. Finally, what's social media engagement with the engagement? Engage, engage, engage! The more you can reach out to your audience the better. Comment on their responses, encourage them, help solve problems. This is how you develop a great fan base.

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Social Media Engagement

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