Social Media is the one of the best ways to find prospects, customers and clients. The confusion comes because there is so much out there to choose from. Which groups and pages on social media, especially from Facebook, should you ‘farm' from to find your ideal ‘avatar' for your business? This should help.

FB Prospects

Social Media Prospecting

I have witness and seen a ton of people build a huge business, better than 6-figures a year, primarily using social media prospecting as their main lead generation strategy. Facebook is the dominant social media site from which to grow a business.

Here's the biggest ‘Pro' using Facebook for social media prospecting…it's free to do so!

The biggest ‘con' would have to be the time it takes to connect and develop the ‘like, know & trust' factor so you're not a complete stranger once you shift conversation to business. Of course not everyone is going to join, but you need to do the work of building rapport to greatly increasing your chances of creating a customer and opportunity builder.

Here's my philosophy on this…I rather reach out and speak to a hand full of people on social media, build rapport and that ‘know, like & trust' factor to increase my likelihood of getting a prospect for business (they also tend to same longer in the business), then go through 100 people with a direct approach using not rapport building, and maybe get a handful of people that want to take a look. Typically, they're low quality prospects and leave the business quickly.

Here's a video I created on places you probably don't want to mess with and a couple that you can find good quality prospects from on social media.

Here's the key point…there is no ‘easy button' when it comes to social media prospecting, however, it pays off in the end. It takes time and plus it can be done for free.

Here's what I suggest you do, search through those groups and pages I mention in the video. If you reach out to 10-25 people a day, you will always have somebody to talk to about your business. As I mentioned before, I've seen friends in the business that consistently (key word there) reach out to a minimum of 10 people a day and build a 6-figure business in about 6 to 12 months. Yes, it's possible for you too!

Want more information on how and what to say, check out this post related on the topic.

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