Are you leveraging the power of Instagram for your business? Want more targeted followers on your Instagram account? If used properly, Instagram can provide you with targeted leads for your business. Use this simple Instagram lead generation technique to get followers for your business.

Instagram Lead Generation

Instagram is a great marketing tool. For the knowledge, it can yield 50-100 leads a week. Unfortunately, many in the home business or network marketing profession are utilizing it very wrong. Let's go over a few basics to improve your chances of generating leads.

Instagram Lead Generation

Your Profile

What is the first thing people do after they get hit up by some random person on Instagram? They ask themselves, “Who is this?”

First rule of Instagram marketing, brand yourself as an executive recruiter, promoter or business developer, or all three. Do not brand your company! You're not just a salesman. You're a leader, a business and team builder. Your product and company are just vehicles helping you get there. If you blast your company name and product on your profile, you take the curiosity factor out of it and they'll just Google it without contacting you.  So, put down who you are, what you're about and what you can do for them. What benefit, what value are you providing your followers? This information is what you want to make known to your followers. I'll get off my soapbox now.

The Lead Generation Technique

OK, now that we've set the stage for better response to your marketing, here's the simple Instagram lead generation technique. Using the search function, type in a keyword your target audience would be using in their posts. A set of pictures will come up. See anything cool, creative or eye catching? Click the photo. Review the post. Tap their handle to review their profile. Is it someone you want to reach out to? Yes? Tap ‘like', or the heart shaped icon under the picture and comment on the post. Pay a compliment about the post. Ask them to check out your profile and follow if they find value. Then ask a question to start a conversation.

It may go something like this, “Nice pic Joe. Spot on. Love the way you xyz. Check out my profile. If you find some value, let's connect. Have you been Instagram long? (insert a conversation starter)” You may want to copy and paste some of this to use on other posts.

If you do this about 10-20 times a day, you will get about a 30-50% response in return. That's dependent upon your profile and your comments, as well as the individual you're trying to engage.

Try to steer them to Facebook to text chat with them, and eventually the phone. Keep in mind, “How can I help them?”  So, big no-no for reaching out…DON'T PITCH YOUR BIZ! This is the single biggest ‘faux pas' I see on Instagram from other home business and network marketing entrepreneurs. It's also one of the biggest issues that's creating a bad name for the profession. Please stop if you're committing this egregious error.

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So, make friends. Get followers. Find 10-20 people a day using this technique. Steer them to Facebook and the phone. Help them. This is how the top income earners in the profession build their business.

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