Happy New Year!

Financial freedom…did you achieve it this past year?

So let's be real here. If you're 2018 wasn't the best, you laid out some things but didn't quite get there and you're pretty pissed off about it…good! Feeling the emotion means you actually care. I'm glad you're here.

First thing… don't beat yourself up about. It's now in the past. Learn from it and move forward. This article is gonna help you get to achieving more than you can imagine, if you do the work, for 2019.

The five steps I'm about to describe is a mash up of a few mentors I've listened to over the years and some concepts you need to embrace for the achievement and success to materialize. These are sound principles to help you succeed in the new year and be well on your way to financial freedom.

Taking the first tip from Brian Tracy, he has stated something like, “If I give an audience 3 minutes or 30 minutes to write down their goals, what they write down usually ends up in one of three categories:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Relationships
  3. Financial Wealth

STEP 1 : Write down your goals!

Physically using pen and paper is best. Why? Because science has shown that the writing has more meaning behind it, you're most likely to thing about them more and execute.  Sure, transfer them to digital (I'll give you some tips on how best to do that too later), but for now, write everything down.

I suggest 1 to 3 goals in the three categories I mentioned above. These should follow a simple acronym S.M.A.R.T.

  • Simple
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound 

For each goal you write down, you should have answer for each of the things in SMART.

Remember: A dream is just a wish until it is written down, a date set for achievement and a plan to make it happen.

Check out this Facebook video I did relevant to this subject on my business page.

STEP 2 : Ask yourself “Why?”

Here's a critical thing to ask yourself. Why do you want to obtain these goals? What is the deep seated reason for even considering them? You're not looking for surface answers here. Unless you have a deep personal emotional connection with your ‘Why' you will not get there. So, as a sub-paragraph to your goals, after you SMART-ly laid them out, describe in detail ‘Why' it's important for you to obtain them. You need to FEEL why it's so damn important to you.

STEP 3 : Create The Plan

Reverse engineer them. Work backwards from the date you established. What knowledge to you need to obtain and what actions do you need to do every month, every week, EVERY DAY to achieve the goal? Establish a Daily Method of Operations (DMO) for you to execute to see things realized.

Tip: Get a mentor and/or coach to help you formulate a plan. Someone who's been there before.

STEP 4 : Accountability

When Peter Diamandis was interviewed and was asked what he feels was the one determining factor to obtain success, he said Community. Who you associate with MATTERS! Tony Robbins states, “Success Leaves Clues” Success is a team sport. You should be with like minded people. Get an accountability partner or coach. Go to the gym together, meetings, trainings or other relevant events, talk about challenges, celebrate progress, to help you reach your goals.

STEP 5 : Mediate

This one may seem a little squirrely, but over 80% of highly successful people have some form of daily meditation. You brain is the key. Dream about the achievement. What will you FEEL once you have achieve it? Visualize who you need to become and act congruently. Brendon Burchard speaks about this often. Are you believing, speaking and doing in accordance with your goals?

The people that are most pissed off about life are the ones most out of alignment in what they desire from life. They lack congruency with what they want, what they speak and what they do, therefore the universe/God/creator (whatever you believe in) conspires to provide them exactly what they want… mediocrity!  You get your goals aligned with your brain/philosophy, your speech (speak positive and confident it's going to be realized), and your DMO is on point, the universe with give you what you want.

TIPS to keep you on track and keep your goals in front of you:

  • Set smartphone reminders during key time during each day. These could be simple goal reminders, power words that describe the ideal YOU, affirmations, or quotes.
  • Post-its. Again, keep your goals in front you. Use post-its with your goal/date on it and stick it to your morning mirror, the refrigerator, coffee maker, computer screen, goal board, center of the steering wheel of your vehicle, etc.
  • Attached a reward for goals achieved. Will you go on a vacation? Nice dinner? Shopping spree? This doesn't have to be for the very end of the journey. Celebrate the little victories too and don't forget to include your family and friends!

I hope this helps you out. If you're looking for an accountability coach, please connect with on Facebook.

Live Free and Prosper

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