As a home business, online business or network marketing entrepreneur, you want to build a long lasting, high profit, residual income producing business…right? Of course we do, don't we all. However, most people are doing it very very wrong. When you see a pattern with successful people in their business, you should take note. Success leaves clues. I've seen this, and practice this blueprint, myself because the people I follow are absolutely killing it with this strategy and building a strong, long term presence and online business.

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Top Earner Blueprint for Online Business

I like simple. Don't you? Most people make it complicated. Building a business online isn't difficult, you just need a simple blueprint that anyone can follow.  This is the best one I've seen. Sure, this isn't the only one but once you read through this post and watch my video, I'm sure you'll agree that this is something just about anyone can do.

One caution: building a business using only free methods takes longer, much longer, if you don't have a great plan, great content and consistency. My advise to anyone is learn proven strategies and apply, apply, tweak, apply, tweak so more until you get the results you seek. Paid can get you there sooner by generating a lot more leads, but not learning and applying the strategies effectively will cost you dollars on your mistakes. The cool thing is, this strategy has created top earners!

3 Step Blueprint

1. Build an Audience – You need people to talk with, right? Some of those people you'll be able to help with your product or business. There are free ways, and paid marketing methods to do that. Let's cover a couple of ways. Here's the ‘platinum rule' – have the mindset ‘What's in it for them?' not ‘What can I sell these people?'

a. FREE – Connect with people on social media. Go to where your ideal customer or ‘avatar' is in groups, hashtags searches and pages and connect. Don't talk about business, just connect and strike up an online conversation. If after some back and forth convo, hopefully you'll see an opening to bring up how you can help them with your product and/or business.

b. PAID – There's so many, but let's cover a couple biggies. One, Facebook Fan Page. Build an audience with a paid ad campaign to get more likes on your page. Create an awesome looking fan page that would attract your ideal prospect. Dedicate a daily budget, maybe $1 to $3 a day for the campaign to get the likes. Second, generate an ad campaign promoting your business and point them to your website/blog where they can find valuable information that helps them solves problems in the niche you're targeting. A blog works for you 24/7 where a social media post only works for you for about a day.  In addition, you own your blog. It's digital real estate. Any of the social media site can shut you down if somebody thinks you're annoying and reports you.

2. Engage Your Audience –  This can be accomplished in several different ways too, but let's cover some simple ways, both free and paid, to get prospects coming to you.

a. FREE – I like to use the ILT method (Invest, Learn, Teach) from Ray Higdon. If you learn something from a training, seminar, convention, book, etc. that can help someone else in your niche market, create a 3-5 minute video or blog and post it on your social media pages. I prefer blogs because you can direct them in your social media post to check out your blog. On you blog you should have a lead bait/opt-in form to collect an email and/or phone number of your prospect. Building a list is critical! This is where the potential money resides. Loyal followers will buy from you as long as you're providing great value and only asking for the sale 10% of the time. The other 90% should be pure value, no strings attached.

b. PAID – Simple; utilized an advertising/marketing campaign on Facebook or other social media sites. Direct people to your blog site to get the information. As mentioned above, have a great ‘lead bait' to capture their name, email and/or phone number to engage later with them.

And lastly, check out my video below to find out the final step to creating a top earning online business.

With this strategy you can start generating several leads immediately. Applied consistently, can generate hundreds of leads for your online business and produce lifelong residual income. This is how the top earners became successful in building their home, network marketing and online businesses.

Do you want THE resource that the Top Earners learned from and used to implemented the strategy I discussed? Check out the video on this link. It compliments any home business in their growth and also produces residual income for multiple streams of income.

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