Facebook Ads can be a bit of a mystery for most but if you want to scale up and grow your business quickly, Facebook Ads are a must. I know I've paid some ‘stupid tax' trying to learn effective, low price-per-click (PPC) advertising. I'm sure you have too if you've tried publishing some ads without professional help. I think we've all been there. So, I wanted to create this post to help you save some ‘stupid tax'. Here's are some key strategies to build and market effective Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the ‘go to' social media platform for marketing and advertising your business, especially for home business, online business or network marketing. Having so many people on Facebook is one of the reason Facebook is now worth Billions. They get that from all the marketing and ads you see in your timeline and right hand column. You can also reach millions of people with your content as a small business entrepreneur with Facebook ads.

Let's get into some simple concepts to keep in mind when creating your marketing and advertising campaigns.
1. People use social media to be social. No brainer there, right? This is the principle reason why Facebook, and other social media platform exist.
2. People want to be entertained! What gets the most likes? Entertaining videos, graphics or text posts (in that order). Following that would be humanistic posts; people overcoming struggles, a touching story, etc.
3. Everybody likes to buy, but nobody want to be sold. It's a matter of approach. Consider my next point, a critical DON'T.

Here's the critical DON'T:
Don't post videos or graphics that are nothing more than a pitch for your product or service with links direct to a sales page. Again, people want to be social and entertained. Don't make it look like an infomercial. If they wanted to buy something, they'll go to Amazon.

3 Key Strategies

So what is a more effective way of creating content marketing and advertising for Facebook ads? Here's 3 key strategies, and again keep in mind the first two concepts above about why people are on Facebook.
1. Your ad should look like any other social post. Include a well made short video or graphic. Even though Facebook allows up to 20% text on pictures, the click through rates are higher with pictures without text. Have fun! Tell a good story. Make it entertaining. Post lifestyle pics. Ask yourself, “If I saw this on my news feed, does it suck me in, does it make me smile?”
2. Tell a story! A good framework to use is…
– Tell your audience a little about your self (or a person using your product or service), your background, your status in life
– Tell people about the problem/the struggle. Be a little vulnerable here. Be authentic.
– Tell them about the solution. Be excited. Be real. Again, no pitching, just tell them what you done to solve the problem. Lastly, conclude your post with a question that prompts them to take action.
3. Tell them how to get more information. This could be simply, “Can you relate? Type ‘Yes' in comments and I'll private message you to see if I can help you.” Or click the picture (or link) to get more information.

Let's get the ad created! Dedicate some money to your Facebook marketing, even $10 or $20 a week can generate a number of leads. Create a checklist with these concepts and key strategies above and keep them close to your computer. Get in the game! You can't win unless you are on the field placing ads to attract your target audience.

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