facebook marketing strategyAre you utilizing this simple Facebook marketing strategy to get more engagement, leads and prospects for your business? Facebook is the King when come to social media. There are so many Facebook marketing ideas to effectively market your business. I like to keep it simple. Here's a simple Facebook marketing tip to increase your exposure and engagement.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Here's a concept I learned from my friend and mentor Ray Higdon. You want to point all your marketing and advertising back to your blog or central website. Your Facebook business strategy is no different. Whatever you put out there, there should be something that points back to some digital real estate you own and control.  So, if you're heavy into branding you and your business, you most likely have a ‘Fan' page. What I'm about to show you is a simple way to expose yourself to your Facebook target market and have all those ‘fans' point back to a website of your choice, for most this is a blog.

After you've made a post on your Facebook ‘Fan' page; a blog post, a video post, words of encouragement, etc. the next step is to share it from your ‘Fan' page. At the bottom of the post, click the ‘Share'  icon. A new window comes up with your content. From here you can share it on your own timeline, pages you own or groups you're a member of. By using this Facebook marketing strategy, you have more exposure for your fan page and engagement from your target audience, which in turn, points them to your blog or websites.

I explain more in my video.

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Do you see how important and simple the Facebook marketing strategy is? Every time you post, use your ‘Fan' page and re-post to all other pages and groups on Facebook. Soon you'll be getting more likes, engagement and prospects to your business.

I hope you found value in this post. Please share with your team mates and friends on social media and leave a comment below.

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 Facebook Marketing Strategy
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